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I am really impressed with PhotoThumb. I originally got it solely to edit IPTC info, when it was one of the few packages available to do this. Much later, I realized that I also wanted to make thumbnail webpages and wow! - Michael O'Donnell

Photo: Jarle Aasland «Awesome tool! I thought I was going to have to write my own until I came across this. I've tried Thumber and others but Photothumb rocks.» - Ben Peart

«I've purchased PhotoThumb and am totally impressed with the strength of this very inexpensive application. Thank you for an excellent and affordable piece of software.» - John Frendreiss

Photo: Jarle Aasland «I find this to be an extremely useful and well-written program. It doesn't have any glaring bugs and, unlike most software nowadays, it has a very complete and useful help facility. You have done a great job on it.» - David Powell

«I fiddled with the program for 10 minutes and I registered! With some products you really don't need 30 days to evaluate. PhotoThumb falls in this category. Can you spell E-A-S-Y!? And the output is professional enough to be used in "serious" website development! KUDOS!» - Joao Barroso

«It is just what I have been looking for forever.» - Earlene Grady

Photo by Jarle Aasland «I first downloaded the trial version Friday night and by Saturday morning I had registered it (the fastest registration for any shareware I've ever done). Let me sum it up by saying great job!» - Cary Camden

«I've searched the net for two days and downloaded 7 different thumbnail programs with registration fees from $50 to $100 to find none of them were worth a flip. I'd just about given up finding the right program when I found yours!!! I needed one that would create the thumbnails and the html table coding so that I could just cut and paste into an exiting HTML template. YOURS IS PERFECT!!! I registered this one within 10 minutes of downloading the trail version. It's exactly what I needed!!!! You've kept it simple, easy to use, does the job quick and is so incredibly affordable...a webmasters dream. : )» - Charles Gunter

«1st: congrats to your program! this is the first time i found a tool that allows to handle big amounts of pictures and to create websites in my own design.» - Reinhard Leeb

«I downloaded the Trial Version of Photothumb 1.2 and was really impressed of the program. It's very useful for creating thumbnail pages. And the extra features like lossless JPG rotation are excellent.» - Mathias Rufer


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«You can use it "out of the box" to quickly create attractive thumbnail indexes.. An attractive, well-thought-out interface makes it a breeze to select the images you want to include.»
- www.sharewareupdate.com

Excellent tool for dealing with thumbnails.
«This is a great program...»

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