FolderFTP automates the process of transferring files from a local computer or network to a remote FTP server.

FolderFTP allows you to monitor any folder on a local hard drive or server, and automatically upload new files to an FTP server. This can be useful for backup purposes or for transferring files (text and images, for example) to a web server or a picture desk.

Using FolderFTP 2.0, you can even tag photos in-camera, and have the tagged photos automatically transmitted as soon as the card is inserted into the pc (card reader). Photographers can automatically add IPTC info to their JPEG image files before transmission.

Once a file is added to the folder being monitored, the program will open an FTP connection to the remote server and upload the new file(s). The program can automatically assign a unique name to all files that are uploaded, ensuring that no files on the remote server are overwritten and lost. You can also send automatic e-mail messages to inform the recipient(s) - or yourself - that new files have been uploaded.

You can also drag and drop files into the FTP queue to manually upload files.

All program settings are stored in a local ini-file, meaning that you can easily copy the program (including all settings) to multiple computers. Unlike some programs, FolderFTP will not mess up your Windows Registry.

FolderFTP was originally written to be used in a small news desk environment, but can be useful for many different users, including photographers, web publishers, network administrators and IT-professionals.

What's new in FolderFTP 2.0 (Feb 2011):

  • Major upgrade
  • Monitor removable/offline drives (card readers, external drives, etc.)
  • New option: Protected (read-only) files only
  • New option to disable file size limitation
  • FTP log now includes event time
  • New FTP log option: Include date
  • FTP log is now color coded (e.g. errors are red)
  • Added Job ID (Transmission reference) field to IPTC tab
  • Added test button to FTP server tab (verify connection)
  • Added Send e-mail warnings option
  • Rewritten and optimized code
  • Improved error handling, bug fixes
  • Tested with 64-bit Windows 7
  • Minor interface changes


FolderFTP 2.0 (730 KB)

You can download and try FolderFTP for free for 30 days. If you want to use the program beyond the 30-day trial period, you must register.

System requirements
Any PC running XP, Vista, 7 or later. Internet or LAN connection required. An FTP server to upload files.

The unregistered trial version is fully functional, except that you can only upload 10 files before the folder monitor and upload queue are stopped. A single user license is $39 / 30 EUR / 25 GBP. Registration details.

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