Monitor any folder and automatically upload new files to a remote FTP server. FolderFTP includes several useful features for photographers. FolderFTP is used by newspapers, photo agencies, TV and radio stations and other media organizations worldwide.


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Rename image files using informative and descriptive filenames based on EXIF dates and other criteria. Version 2.0 adds support for Nikon NEF files, Windows Explorer integration, and more.


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Convert and resample image files from more than 30 formats. Add high-quality overlay text, apply image sharpening, and more.


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Create high-quality photo thumbnails, medium-sized images and web pages with the click of a button. Transfer, browse, e-mail, rename, rotate and manage your image files. View and edit IPTC and EXIF image data.


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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: All programs will run on a standard PC runnning Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or later.
(RAW PhotoDesk will not run on 64-bit systems)

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